Through the ARTS

Through the ARTS is a research-based approach to integrating the arts across the curriculum and to implementing school-
community arts partnerships for Pre-K - 12 schools. Individually developed programs are implemented to fulfill local needs. Ongoing assessment is provided.

Through the ARTS provides a menu of possibilities to a school:

  • Planning for success
    • Needs assessment
    • Collaborative planning to develop and implement programs
    • Establishing community-based partnerships

  • Curriculum development specific to the school
    • Planning with teachers and administrators

  • In-service programs for teachers and school administrators
    • Workshops based on best practices
    • Demonstration lessons with students
    • "Side by side" teaching with classroom or subject area teachers

  • Artists in the School programs
    • Identification and training of artists to work effectively in school settings
    • Resources for developing and funding school and community arts partnerships
    • In-service "side by side" mentoring with artists and teachers

  • Advocacy strategies
    • Parents
    • School personnel
    • Community
    • Legislators

  • Community outreach programs
  • Ongoing program assessment

Please contact us to get started planning your Through the ARTS program.