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If you are interested in Arts Integration for your classroom or community setting, you’ve come to the right place!  We are passionate about making education the most exciting thing on the planet for students AND teachers.  We firmly believe that integrating the arts into education and into life can be a major contributor to the achievement of that lofty goal. 

Join us as we share our arts integration learning journey and invite you to share yours.  Together, we will grow!

New Release for Arts Integration
in Classrooms and Communities!

This new publication features transformative arts-integrated units of instruction created by master teachers, Dr. Mary Palmer and Susan Rosoff. The book provides guidance in the use of Arts Integrated teaching to enliven classrooms and community education programs.  The emphasis on strengthening writing through visual art, music, drama, and dance hands-on experiences achieves an “elegant fit” between the arts and other important knowledge and skills.  Based on masterworks by Vincent van Gogh, exemplary lessons with step-by-step guidance encourage development of critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration through carefully selected and classroom-approved materials that differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners. The engaging print materials are supported with web-based extended learning tools, assessment tools, and opportunities to share what’s happening on your journey into arts integration.  This Volume provides an essential foundation for arts integration and is intended for use by 21st century teachers, community education programs, parents who home-school their children, as well as college classes in arts integration, reading, or language arts.   

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