About Us

Mary Palmer & Associates, LLC is a multifaceted organization which works with schools, community artists, arts organizations, students of all ages, and parents to share the power of arts education to enhance living and learning. We provide consultants to assist schools with all phases of arts integration – planning and development, implementation, assessment, and advocacy. All consultations are individually designed to meet local needs and interests. Mary Palmer and her Associates help to empower schools to optimize their local resources to sustain change .

We believe that:

Learning to play a musical
instrument demands self-discipline.
  • all children can learn and that learning is enhanced .
  • all teachers can integrate the arts in the curriculum in order to enhance student engagement and achievement.
  • arts integration will enhance the life of a school and of its community.
  • student and teacher engagement and enjoyment is expanded .

Our Programs

is a research-based approach to integrating the arts across the curriculum and to implementing school-community arts partnerships for Pre-K – 12 schools. Individually developed programs are designed, implemented and assessed to fulfill local needs.

Connect with Musicis an intergenerational music program for babies from birth to 24 months and their special adults. Babies and their adults connect to and through music in this program. Weekly classes are offered in six-week sessions.


Experienced professionals in arts education and the arts are consultants to Mary Palmer & Associates, LLC. According to the needs and interests of clients, Associates in all aspects of arts education, the arts, and community arts organizations and agencies are included in consultations.

About the Director

Dr. Mary Palmer

Dr. Mary Palmer is President of Mary Palmer & Associates, LLC. She has extensive experience in education and the arts and holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Illinois. She has taught music and the other arts in a variety of school and community settings to people of all ages from birth through senior citizens. She currently is Professor of Music Education at the University of Central Florida – Orlando, and is former Dean of the UCF College of Education. She has served as President of professional organizations including MENC: National Association for Music Education Southern Division; VSA Arts of Florida; Florida Music Educators Association; and the Florida Alliance for Arts Education. In addition, she serves on various community boards of directors including Florida Theatrical Association, A Gift for Teaching, and A Gift for Music.

Palmer has developed numerous arts education programs. She is the Founder of Arts for a Complete Education, Florida's program to enhance arts education and to influence related public policy. Since 1985, she has authored numerous elementary music series textbooks published by Silver Burdett Ginn/Scott Foresman Publishers. She has established award-winning collaborative programs with Walt Disney World, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Junior Achievement, and others. Her innovative work with teachers, school administrators, community agencies, and university faculty has led her across the country and around the world. For her work in Arts Education she has received numerous awards, including a special commendation from three of Florida’s Governors; the prestigious Arts Recognition Award from the Florida Department of State; ACE of Hearts; and Pi Delta Kappa Educator of the Year. Her client schools have received prestigious awards including the Kennedy Center Arts Education School of Distinction, Florida Department of Education Music Demonstration School, and Magnet Schools of America School of Distinction. She is the Director of:

Through the ARTS
Connect with Music